Making IT a business solution

Making IT a business solution


Victor Consulting work with a variety of technologies to meet your business requirements. Broadly they fall into four groups:

Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office Suite is ubiquitous and many of us use the core products of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook every day. However, many people barely scratch the surface of what they can achieve. Victor Consulting can help you make the most of these projects in several different ways.

The Extended Microsoft Desktop Suite

The extended Microsoft desktop application suite includes Visio, Publisher, Project, Accounting, InfoPath and MapPoint. These are all great products in their own right but are even greater when sharing data together. Victor Consulting can help you make the best use of these products in a variety of ways.


Storage of data is key to may projects and most businesses have huge amounts of data which can have incredible value if managed and used effectively. Victor Consulting are experts at Database design and implementation with experience in Access, SQL Server and MySQL databases.


Victor Consulting have designed and implemented many different websites. We work with plain HTML, or more usually with ASP.Net within Visual Studio. We specialise in data driven websites where data can be stored in any database or XML formats. Ajax and Silverlight are used to create easy to use, visually rich sites where appropriate.

Hardware and Software

Victor Consulting can supply hardware and software to meet your needs including the system building of task specific PCs and backup systems. We only supply high quality, reliable PC's and peripherals and our expertise is with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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"Victor Consulting helped us to identify our key HR system requirements and then developed a cost efficient system to meet them. Lorraine Smith, Associate, HR"
Broadway Malyan

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