Making IT a business solution

Making IT a business solution

Project Steps

Victor Consulting can help you with all the stages of an IT project.

Needs Analysis

Analysing your needs or requirement is a fundemental stage in the process of helping you to really understand how IT can solve your business issues. Our consultants will work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of the problems you are facing and your existing processes and IT systems.


Identifying and specifying the most appropriate IT solution to meet your needs is the next stage in the process. We ensure that our clients understand and agree with the solution we are proposing before any further work is undertaken.


We can supply hardware and software directly, or we can help you to specify and purchase the most appropriate products yourself.


Our software developers will build a bespoke software solution using the agreed specification in order to deliver a product that will completely meet your needs.


Our consultants will help you to implement the project across your organisation and infrastructure.


making sure that the solution is understood and used by all staff as appropriate.


We will thoroughly test any solutions that we develop and can provide the same service for solutions developed by a third party, making sure the solution really is meeting your business requirements.

Any of these stages can be considered in isolation and we are pleased to undertake needs analysis and specification for another supplier to deliver, or to undertake testing of a solution sourced elsewhere against your business criteria.

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